Also known as titanium oxide (IV) or titania, which is the natural titanium oxide, with the chemical formula TiO2. Titanium dioxide, or titanium, is of particular importance in the polymer industry. Titanium is the most important pigment, which in addition to coloring the particles, also creates a protective effect against UV rays. This material has two forms of rutile and anatase, which due to their white color, high refractive index, excellent luminosity, neutrality and high abrasion and heat resistance, high refractory degree and high power in uniform distribution and diffusion in other Compounds are known as the main and most important raw material of white paint industry. The rutile type is composed of a crystal lattice with a higher density than anatase and is denser and has a higher refractive index. The main use of titanium dioxide in the paint industry is as a pigment and also this material is used in different industries of artificial stone, ceramics, plastics, paper, electronics, PVC, etc.